What is a Satchel Handbag?

11 Sep

Many cases it does depend on who you ask. However, satchels used to be only indicative of bags that men used, that had a flap and typically wore across the body like a messenger bag (we will talk about these soon). But as women came into their own and fashion defined the bags that women wore, satchels in handbag terms, had a specific meaning.  Satchels are usually structured bags, almost like a briefcase originally. But now they can mean any bag that has a rigid feel structure and often satchels can stand up on their own. They may or may not have a flap, and they often times have a triangular structure and a short handle and are not necessarily worn over the shoulder but by the hand.

Here are some satchels that one could always call them satchels. As I said it sometimes depends on who you ask.

Then there are those bags that people call satchels and its difficult to clearly see why it’s called a satchel as it may not be structured or can stand on its own and isn’t somewhat triangular in structure.

And here is what the “man” version of the satchel looks like, oddly when speaking in terms of the man’s version of the satchel its pretty clear it’s a bag kind of like a briefcase that has a long strap and a flap and probably does not stand on its own. So different from the contemporary version of the women’s satchel.

The men’s version of the satchel is just ugly ladies..isn’t it. Tell us what you think.

Katrina Love
President & CEO


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