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How long does your hair last

18 Sep

How long do your hair extensions last? wants to know, whether you are buying from a beauty supply store or online retailer, if your hair only lasts 1 week, 1 month or 3 months you should reevaluate the purpose of buying your hair extensions  and also what are your expectations for the hair.

If the purpose is just temporary styles for short periods of time and you are only going to throw it away after wearing it a few times then that’s fine.

However if your purpose is for long term styles and you want to be able to have versatility then buying quality hair is what you should get. If your expectations are to continue to reuse the hair extensions over and over, then investing in good quality hair extensions will benefit you.

Shop for excellent quality hair extensions, check out the quality by viewing our video on the website.

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Thoughts of a CEO

20 Jul

I continue to be motivated by my clients with Love Our Hair, they are all so awesome and they are all Loving their hair extensions. I will loose sleep for my clients! Big Thank you to all Love Our Hair Glam Dolls for sharing how much you love your hair….we love you!

Thoughts of a CEO….

Katrina Love


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What’s the difference between hair extension textures – Straight, Body, Deep, Loose & Kinky Wave hair textures.

3 May

Ladies, I know sometimes it can be very confusing on which texture or style of hair to buy. We have put together this simple guide which will help you better understand the different textures of human hair weaves.

Buying Guide to Textures


difference between hair extension textures

Straight is generally soft, smooth and has a slight natural wave pattern.

Body Wave

Capture - Body WaveBody wave is a versatile texture that has lots of volume and body. This is very popular extension and probably the best selling.

Deep Wave

Capture - Deep Wave

Deep wave  has a more tighter curl than body wave. This can be styled to loosen the wave pattern to make this texture a great selection.

Loose Wave

Capture Loose Wave

Loose wave hair has flowing long waves.

Kinky Curly 

Capture - Kinky Curly

Kinky Curly hair is characterized by tight little curls.

Most of all, as you can see choosing the right texture, can be challenging. All of the textures are beautiful and its a matter of personal taste.

Always be beautiful.

Katrina Love
President & CEO

Here is the difference between Malaysian, Brazilian, Peruvian, Filipino & Indian Hair.

28 Apr

My staff at did this neat little chart that explains the difference between hair types. It will help you decide which hair type to purchase.

How do I choose a type of hair extensions?

LOG Hair Purchase Differences V2


Katrina Love, President & CEO

What we’ve been up to…

10 Aug

LOVE OUR GLAMOUR has been improving their brand, adding Quality hair extensions to the mix along with our Fashion handbags.  If you love fashion style handbags and fabulous, fun flirty hair Love Our Glamour is the place to get your beauty needs.

Check out our Lovely hair extensions at Love Our and you’ll find Brazilian, Malaysian, Peruvian, Filipino, Mongolian and Indian hair, in all hair textures of Body wave, loose wave, deep wave, kinky curly and straight. Our lengths range from 8 inches to 32 inch. You can achieve a flawless look.

We also specialize in custom wig making with our quality hair, this style let’s you be very versatile in wearing hair extensions. You will be able to take good care of your natural hair better and it’s  manageable for the everyday Diva that likes to switch up her style.

“Beauty is in you… Love Our Glamour can bring it out!”

Katrina Love


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What’s New with Love Our Glamour

26 Aug


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