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5 Nov
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Katrina Love
Love Our Glamour

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31 Aug

If you haven’t LIKE us on Facebook please take the time to. We have something special coming for all our fans to show our appreciation for your support. Thank you very much

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Ms. Love

Are you a handbag addict?

29 Jul

I want to know. I have 50 bags myself, I am curious leave a note on how many you have and which is your favorite and why.

What I’m loving now…

6 Jul

Hey Ladies, I like to keep my style simple at times.  I love to carry a white bag in the summer because it stands out, but rule of thumb ladies please don’t carry it with an all white outfit, I mean you can switch up and play around with adding some black to keep it pretty simple if that’s what you’re going for. A white bag goes with any outfit, whether it’s shorts, sundress, jeans and a tank top or work attire. With an all white outfit I also like to play around with my accessories, my handbag and my jewelry. Check out the style I put together very simple turquoise and white.   If you would like to know where to get these items contact


Katrina Love

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