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Are you in “LOVE” with Michael Kors?

2 Mar

The Michael Kors Voyager Tote Handbag is a supple, pebbled leather purse to carry all your necessities. Plus, it zips, so there’s no worry of losing anything during your commute. The classic Voyager Tote is the quintessential piece for your wardrobe.

Tell us which one you like and click on.

Zip closure
1 interior zip pocket, 8 slip pockets
1 padded center zip compartment with 1 slip pocket inside; fits iPad
8-3/4″L double handles
16-1/2″W x 10-1/2″H x 6-1/4″D

Steel Blue

Michael Kors

Soft Pink

Michael Kors


Michael Kors



Michael Kors

Electric Blue

Michael Kors

Ultra Pink

Michael Kors

Katrina Love
President & CEO


Thoughts of a CEO

20 Jul

I continue to be motivated by my clients with Love Our Hair, they are all so awesome and they are all Loving their hair extensions. I will loose sleep for my clients! Big Thank you to all Love Our Hair Glam Dolls for sharing how much you love your hair….we love you!

Thoughts of a CEO….

Katrina Love


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Bright bold lips are back!

30 Apr


Finally the time is here for bright bold lips, Spice it up with vibrant rich pink, red, purple & coral colors.

Ladies I know you have been waiting to show off your sexy sensual lips so let’s get them ready, check out these tips to Bold Luscious Lips.

  • Let’s drop the dead skin from the harsh winter weather by exfoliating with a sugar lip scrub,
  • this will make your lips feel smooth & soft and prepared for applying your lip color.SUGAR LIPS 1
  • Apply your favorite concealer to your lips, this will help create a neutral, even tone palette for your lipstick. On top of your concealer just dab a bit of pressed powder to lock in your concealer. This step helps your color stay on longer.
  • You have to line… to get perfect, flawless lips use a lip liner that matches your choice of lipstick. Start at your cupids bow and work your way to the outer part of your lips. Make sure to wipe away any mistakes on the outer part of the lips.
  • Grab yourself a lip brush to apply your lip color, this will help give you an even blend with the lipstick and lip liner, just use light strokes to blend it all together.
  • Applying your choice of lip color again start at the cupids bow and work your way to the outer part of your lips and continue to blend. If you want a high shine just add a little bit of gloss to pop those lips.

Now you’re ready to pucker up for the perfect kiss… enjoy your bold lips for the summer.


Katrina Love

President /CEO

Love Our Glamour

What’s New with Love Our Glamour

26 Aug


Anatomy of a Handbag – Part 1

4 Jan

You know I see these “anatomy of a handbag” blog posts a lot over the internet. All about what women carry “in” their bags. Well here is one about “the bag”. Check this out from our design people.  They tell me they have a full series coming. I like it. Update: Here are the other two articles in the series Anatomy of a Handbag.
Part 2
Part 3

Anatomy of a Handbag Part 1


Katrina Love
President & CEO
Everyday Stylish Handbags

Love Our Handbags First Digital Catalog

1 Nov

Like all growing companies, we are going to the next level. Check out our new digital catalog. We will be producing many more like it. Please let us know what you think. Share with friends. Click on the cover…and experience the new digital future!!!

Enjoy Your Bags
Katrina Love
President & CEO
Love Our Handbags, Inc.
Everyday Stylish Handbags
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What are Designer Inspired Handbags?

3 Oct

Designer Inspired Handbags are not replicas, knockoffs or copies, they are original designs that have adapted parts of the most beautiful elements of real designer name brand handbags. This allows for a wider breath of styles and shapes. Designer inspired handbags get their inspiration from other famous designers without copying logos or exact features (copying the original designer with logos and the designers name is illegal and we at Love Our Handbags, Inc. fight against industry crimes such as knockoffs and replicas).

We focus only on those components that accentuate the style from an elegant structure and craftsmanship to high-quality materials plus appealing details that will provide an exceptional value to you. That’s what we are all about – affordable, useful, functional and stylish.

Continue to enjoy very affordable style.

Ms. Love

We love expensive luxury designer handbags…but…

17 Aug

Here is one of the latest Louis Vuitton styles and its price. It’s lovely and expensive!! This bag is the “LV Cirrus MM”.

It retails for $3,750. That’s Three Thousand, Seven Hundred Fifty dollars, excluding tax…which depending on where you shop is 10% for another $375.  Don’t get me wrong Louis Vuitton is an awesome bag and company, but wow. This is a nice bag…but, here is the kicker…you know – part of owning a luxury handbag is the benefit of knowing you own a luxury handbag and blessed to be lucky enough to have it.

But what’s crazy is when you carry one of these bags, part of the luxury is that people see it and say wow a Louis Vuitton bag!!! But guess what, that’s not what they say (rather think), I bet you almost 99% of time they may think it’s a nice bag , but they think it must be fake.  If you could read minds that’s what you would see,  which diminishes the luxury feel. That’s the damage that the replica and copy cat industries have done.

If you buy luxury, buy something like a car like an Aston don’t see too many replica Aston Martins, when I see one I never that a replica…but luxury handbags I do wonder if it’s real without thinking about it to much.

Always blogging real
Ms. Love

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