New Partnership with Amazon

New Partnership with Amazon

June 29, 2011 0 By Katrina Love

Amazon Logo

Well it was a warm summer day and out of the blue ($20 billion plus in sales) called our marketing people and asked if we wanted to list on their site. We hadn’t even solicited their web site either.

So, we wondered why they called us as they have plenty of big name vendors, Ebags, Kate Spade, Coach to name few…so when we asked they said you appeared  (based on your website) that you were a respectable company and had products that complimented the handbag & accessories category.

Yes we initially said no to the $20 billion dollar company Amazon…., we have our ways you know…they bugged us for 3 weeks and after some haggling, we now have over 500 products listed. Go to this link to see our selection. So we are now part of the $20 billion dollar company. That’s our goal too…$20 billion in sales…we are on our way.

We even did a special logo for our store on Amazon, check it out above.