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How to Purchase a Handbag or Purse that Compliment Your Figure

30 Mar

 compliments your figure

Purchase a Handbag or Purse that Compliment Your Figure

For most of us women, we buy handbags because we like the way it looks and we find them in design or style that suits our taste. But if you think about it a handbag that fits your figure will be appealing and make you look slimmer or more stylish. You should purchase bags that compliment your figure. When you buy a handbag, you need to think of it as if you are buying a pair of jeans. You need the right fit.

The right handbag could flatter your figure, or it could ruin the entire ensemble you have assembled if it seems to be out of place for your particular image. When it comes to choosing any specific bag for that matter, your shape is a significant consideration. You need to select a bag shape that is opposite your body type.

The Tall and Thin Woman

As an example, for someone who is very thin and tall a round hobo bag (explained here) would compliment your figure. This style slouchy kind of rounded bag compliments taller women.

The Short and Stout Woman

For those who may be stout and short, clutches that are rectangular and long or tall would suit well. However, while a bag’s shape should be opposite your body type the bag’s size needs to be in proportion to your size or figure. It wouldn’t look appealing to someone with a large figure to be carrying a very cute and small shoulder bag for then it would emphasize how big she is.

Think about Buying a Bag that Compliments your Shape

In the same way, a small or short girl carrying a very big handbag spells disaster. The huge size of the bag would make her look more short and small. Certain bags like a shoulder bag, for example, could accentuate a figure depending on the length of the strap. A shoulder bag that would be around the hips would give definition and draw attention to your curvaceous hips.

Some Important Tips

  1. When buying handbags be patient and take time to try them on.
  2. Looking at yourself in the mirror just as if you are trying on clothes.
  3. Don’t be drawn to trendy bags that do not look good on you.
  4. No matter how great looking the bag will be it wouldn’t do any good if it doesn’t fit you nor flatter you in any way.

Enjoy, Stay Beautiful
Katrina Love
President & CEO
Love Our Glamour, Inc.


Welcome Mary Kay to Love Our Glamour

31 Dec

Love Our Glamour has joined with Mary Kay for the best skin care and great cosmetics to help women feel beautiful.

As a women we know that there are days we feel Blah, but sometimes when you just put on a little makeup and style your hair it changes your mood. Looking good on the outside does make you feel good on the inside, sometimes you have to work on the outer exterior. I believe that God has made us all beautiful and with that Love our Glamour just wants to enhance what God has already created.


Mary Kay is fabulous when it comes to skin care, I have seen it first hand because I use it and my skin is smooth, clear from blemishes, and looks younger. I believe that if you want to wear makeup and look fabulous you have to have good skin first and foremost, your canvas must be clean before you paint on it.

I would love to enhance your beauty, Order your Mary Kay products today!!

Katrina Love


Love Our Glamour

Your Independent Glamour Consultant

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What’s New with Love Our Glamour

26 Aug


Anatomy of a Handbag – Part 2

19 Mar

My design people are still hard at work. Here is the second in a series of helpful tips on how to buy the perfect handbag. Check out the first one here at Part 1.  They have come up with a handbag measurement guide or sizing chart to help you buy the right handbag. Just find out what the handbag dimensions are and you are on you way to picking the right size handbag. Use this when purchasing one over the internet, when in the physical store try also using a mirror. Put the bag on just like any other fashion item you are buying. Check it out.

Let me know what you think.

Katrina Love
President & CEO
Love Our Handbags, Inc.
Everyday Stylish Handbags

Did you know this is one of our best selling handbags?

13 Feb

Designer Inspired Faux Patent Leather Zebra Flower Satchel Handbag

  • The style of this bag is very unique, beautiful flower detail with jewel accents. Durable chain carrying straps
  • Dual end pockets
  •  Zipper top closure
  • Measurements 16L X 9H X 5W inches
  • Textured Faux Patent Leather
  • Inside lining with open/zip pockets
  • 11 inch drop handle

This bag has been getting a lot of buzz online as one of the most stylish affordable handbags

You can get yours from or”LoveOurHandbags” search with quotes.

Katrina Love
President & CEO
Everyday Stylish Handbags


Winter Must Have

28 Dec

Hey Ladies,

If you think you’ve got everything you need for your winter wardrobe, you might want to add an oversized handbag to your wardrobe. Love Our Handbags has over a hundred handbags to choose from. Oversized bags are great to fit everything inside like your hats, gloves and scarf, when you transition from outside to inside. Whether you’re out shopping or going out to dinner and a movie with friends. Get the right winter handbag.

Ms. Love

Support for Women in Need – Breast Cancer Awareness Month

22 Oct

Love Our Handbags, Inc is a women owned corporation. We take pride in supporting women’s fight against breast cancer.  October is the month to recognize that fight and to honor survivor’s and their families in the search for a cure.  My mother passed away from breast cancer and I am determined to assist in the pledge to find a cure.

Pink is the special color signifying the courage of countless women. Here are pink bags that we sell in honor of all women.  By purchasing our pink bags on Amazon a portion of the net profits will go to supporting breast cancer research. Click here or the pictures below.

Continue the fight.

Katrina Love
President & CEO
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Handbag Buying Guide – 6 Things you should know before buying a handbag on the internet

19 Oct

When reading ads on the internet take note of the specifications of the handbag.

1) Check the size of the bag. The dimensions of the bag should be listed.
Take a ruler and use that to give you an idea based on the dimensions of how big the bag

2) Check the color, sometimes online images may not be exacting to the color specified.

3) Check the material that the bag is made of.

4) Sometimes and often overlooked is the shoulder drop length. This is the spacing between the top of the strap(s) and top of the bag. It measures how much space there is to hang the handbag over your shoulder.

5) Shipping – Shipping should be reasonable $7 to $15 depending on where you live and sometimes the weight of the bag.

6) Return Policy – Sometimes its not what you expected. Great companies have very lenient return policies that a very favorable for you. Make sure you have read these.

Love Our Handbags, Inc. will be publishing a comprehensive guide on buying handbags soon. It’s in the development stage. Check back often to see when its published here.

Enjoy your bags
Katrina Love
President & CEO
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Are Big Handbags Going Out of Style?

18 Oct

Well ladies, it’s been about 10 years (yes 10 years) since the advent of the bigger styled
handbags. What’s happening is I am hearing from the CEO’s of the big handbag companies like Coach and Dooney & Bourke that big bag interest is waining. The fact of the matter is large bags have been in vogue a long time and well…. just very practical.

They can carry everything, but really some of us take everything to new a level. From an extra pair of shoes to a small laptop, we have been lugging around a ton of stuff. So if the new styles are smaller what is a girl to do.

Well for one, we really don’t always need all that stuff. And the other crazy part really when you go out besides going to work, how long are you away from the house on average. Several hours…do you really need all that stuff?

The bags began weighing on women as many testified, on fashion blogs and complained “that the bags had become so large and heavy that it was like carrying around a boulder”. What is a big bag any way. It depends on who you ask, but in our opinion anything over 17 inches in length or height in our world is big. These are big bags below and a couple of REALLY big bags.

Well I do like my big bags though, because I want to be fresh at all times with my makeup and accessories. So if the big boys are saying smaller bags are coming, it just means we have more choices. I don’t think larger bags are going away soon.

Do you like the bigger bags or the smaller ones? Let us know.

Katrina Love
President & CEO
Love Our Handbags, Inc.
Still a top seller on Amazon! Yeah!!
just search with quotes “Love Our Handbags”

My Handbag Buddy

22 Sep

Handbags and wallets go hand and hand. Wallets are a must have accessory.

 They come in many different styles, colors, fabrics and shapes.

You have your standard wallet, checkbook wallet, mini card holder, agendas, coin purse, and your wristlet. Here are just a few examples of wallets.


Standard Wallets

A basic women’s wallet comes in two sizes, a longer 3.5 by 8.5 inches or a mini version about half that size. Most fold in halves or thirds and are held together by a clasp. They provide all the basic features needed such as pockets for cards, money, notes and coins.


The non-electronic method of staying organized is found in an agenda. The agenda wallets are a combination of organization and storage. Certainly a larger type, most contain a complex system including diaries, calendars, notebooks, address books, calculator, pen loops, plus all the basic wallet style pockets and compartments.


This style of wallet is about the size of a checkbook, with standard features including card pockets, change pouches, ID window slots, and a removable checkbook cover that slips in and out of the wallet folds.

Coin Purse

Is usually a small, one-pocket women’s wallet with a firm clasp to contain your coins. The most important feature of a coin purse is the closure, with zippers, clasps or kiss-locks being the most effective.

Mini Card Holders

Is the size of a credit card that holds a variety of types of cards within pockets or accordion style compartments. Many have a snap, magnet, or zipper to fasten it closed.

Wallet on a String

Is quite petite, this wallet is basically a miniature purse with built in pockets to incorporate the handbag-as-a-wallet concept. The string is a tiny purse strap that allows you to carry the wallet on your shoulder or across your chest. These are good for carrying just the necessity and being hands free. Also for women that don’t like carrying around a full size handbag.


Are similar, wallet-style accessories with a small strap to carry on your wrist in your hand. Some also have a small pocket to hide the string when not in use, or even have clips to completely detach the strap. These are very good when you want to carry just the necessity things.


While some women prefer to match their wallet to their handbags, or shoes, others like to have the fun and whimsical wallet styles.

The most common wallet textiles are:

  • Leather
  • Canvas
  • Cotton
  • Lizard
  • Microfiber
  • Plastic
  • Nylon
  • Polyester
  • Suede
  • Velvet
  • Vinyl
  • Snakeskin
  • Alligator
  • Crocodile

The variety of women’s wallets can be quite overwhelming. In today’s market, many brands provide you a decent wallet at a great price.

Also keep in mind just like shopping for a handbag choose the one that fits your personality.

Ms. Love

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