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2 Feb


This Lovely Handbag has been a fan favorite, we want to share this with you.. ladies love the secret compartment at the bottom where you can stash anything you want and no one will know…

hottest seller 2 2016

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Top list of things we must continue to do to fight until breast cancer is gone

3 Oct


October is Breast Cancer Awareness month and I want to make sure we continue to do all the things we can to fight against this nasty disease until it is completely gone.

Top List…Continue to…

Believe that this can be beaten.
Believe that we have enormous help to fight this deadly disease.
Believe that we are determined & unwavering in our fight to do so.
Believe that we are standing together with a common goal.
Believe that the end of this disease is near.
Believe that we will not be deterred.
Believe that we will never think about giving up.
Believe that even with this disease we are strong powerful women.
Believe you are destined for greatness in the face of adversity.
Believe that breast cancer will be beaten, destroyed, eliminated, eradicated forever.

From me and the entire management team at Love Our Glamour, Inc., we salute all women who continue to believe.

Katrina Love
President & CEO

How long does your hair last

18 Sep

How long do your hair extensions last? wants to know, whether you are buying from a beauty supply store or online retailer, if your hair only lasts 1 week, 1 month or 3 months you should reevaluate the purpose of buying your hair extensions  and also what are your expectations for the hair.

If the purpose is just temporary styles for short periods of time and you are only going to throw it away after wearing it a few times then that’s fine.

However if your purpose is for long term styles and you want to be able to have versatility then buying quality hair is what you should get. If your expectations are to continue to reuse the hair extensions over and over, then investing in good quality hair extensions will benefit you.

Shop for excellent quality hair extensions, check out the quality by viewing our video on the website.

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Thoughts of a CEO

20 Jul

I continue to be motivated by my clients with Love Our Hair, they are all so awesome and they are all Loving their hair extensions. I will loose sleep for my clients! Big Thank you to all Love Our Hair Glam Dolls for sharing how much you love your hair….we love you!

Thoughts of a CEO….

Katrina Love


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Shop Designer David Jones Satchels and Totes at

25 Jun

Shop designer David Jones duffles, satchels and tote handbags in colors such as purple and beige at
Go to our digtial catalog here for handbags and more.

Katrina Love
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What does a Hermes Birkin Bag look like, or a Ricky Bag, or a Hermes Kelly Bag – Here’s your guide.

2 Jun

We found this great guide and its fun to see and understand the classic expensive designer handbags. This pictorial guide outlines the shapes of some of the most iconic brands and what they generally look like. Now you know what they look like and can be the expert, from the Hermes, Birkin Bag to the Burberry’s Check Tote Bag, these are classics. I even looked at some of these and said oh…so that’s what it looks like.


Ms. Love, President & CEO

Hermes, Gucci, Prada, Dior

Designer Handbag Guide

One quick and easy idea to store your handbag…

29 May

From our friends at Hanging your bags in the closet like any other piece of clothing is classic. Use “S” hooks or in some cases just plain old everyday hangers will work too.

Capture - Ideas to Hang Your Bags

Katrina Love, President & CEO, Love Our Glamour, Inc.

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