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2 Mar

The Michael Kors Voyager Tote Handbag is a supple, pebbled leather purse to carry all your necessities. Plus, it zips, so there’s no worry of losing anything during your commute. The classic Voyager Tote is the quintessential piece for your wardrobe.

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Zip closure
1 interior zip pocket, 8 slip pockets
1 padded center zip compartment with 1 slip pocket inside; fits iPad
8-3/4″L double handles
16-1/2″W x 10-1/2″H x 6-1/4″D

Steel Blue

Michael Kors

Soft Pink

Michael Kors


Michael Kors



Michael Kors

Electric Blue

Michael Kors

Ultra Pink

Michael Kors

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How to have an amazing complexion

28 Feb

Good nutrition, combined with physical activity are important parts of leading a healthy lifestyle. Your diet can help you reach and maintain a facial radiance. These tips will help alleviate common complexion issues from acne to dark spots that arise from an unhealthy lifestyle.


Exercise Regularly

Get at least 150 minutes a week of moderate aerobic activity or 75 minutes a week of vigorous aerobic activity. You also can do a combination of moderate and vigorous activity. The guidelines suggest that you should workout every other day. Exercise accelerates blood flow and that is beneficial to your skin.

Drink Lots of Water

It helps flush our systems of waste products and toxins, yet many people go through life dehydrated—causing tiredness and dull skin. Water helps the skin be more radiant and of course, if you are dehydrated your skin and face, in particular, will show its effects. Aim for 8-10 glasses a day.

Eat Healthy Food

Eating a healthy, balanced diet provides nutrients necessary for the production of collagen that improves your face. Plus a healthy meatless diet delivers the best nutrients your skin could use. From eggs, avocados, green leafy vegetables, nuts and fresh fruit. And a reduction of sugar delivers the necessary nutrients your body needs for great skin.

Get some rest

Rest and refresh. Get plenty of sleep. Go to bed at a regular time each day and practice good habits to get better sleep. Sleep restores both your mind and body. Allow yourself some unfocused time each day to refresh, let your mind wander, go daydream. It’s okay to add ‘do nothing’ to your to-do list!

Stay beautiful,
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12 Essential Makeup Brushes

28 Feb came out with a wonderful graphic on which makeup brushes should be in your cosmetic toolkit. This infographic summarizes the 12 essential makeup brushes are necessary for any type of facial beauty issue. Here is the original post.

Essential Make Up Brushes and How to Use Them

Natural Bristle or Synthetic Bristles
Foundations Brush
Beauty Blender
Kabuki Brush
Powder Brush
Angled Blush Brush
Concealer Brush
All over Eye Shadow Brush
Blending Brush
Smudger Brush
Angled Eyeliner Brush
Lash/Brow Comb
Fan Brush

Katrina Love
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12 essential makeup brushes

Natural face cleaning solutions that will leave your face radiant.

22 Feb

face cleaningThe natural combination of these cleansing agents can help you have beautiful radiant skin that is smooth and oil free. Develop a consistent daily regimen of cleaning your face and your skin will improve over time. These face cleaning solutions are tried and tested to be effective with consistent use.

Olive Oil & Vinegar

face cleaning

If you have dry skin, then olive oil is a great natural moisturizer, that can heal and relieve irritation from sunburnt skin. It’s recommended that to apply a night cream made up of 1/2 cup olive oil, 1/4 cup of water and 1/4 cup vinegar. This combination will kill bacteria while making dark spots disappear and delivers clear, smooth skin and help make the skin a consistent complexion.

Coconut Oil

face cleaningCoconut oil has amazing antimicrobial (agent that kills microorganisms and stops their growth) properties that remove moisture that was lost through the pores of your face. Coconut oil will eliminate the shiny look that you may have while preserving the true natural oils of the face. Take a quarter size amount and massage the coconut oil into your face for less than a minute. Apply a warm towel which will open the pores for half a minute and pat dry your face with a towel.

Natural Apple Cide Vinegar

face cleaningApple Cider Vinegar has a chemical composition that is very close to the perfect pH needed to have healthy skin. It can keep skin in balance from oiliness and dryness while making sure pores remain open. Combined two parts water and one part apple cider vinegar, and shake. Use a cotton ball to wipe your face clean and once complete cover face with a moisturizer.

Honey & Lemon

As you may know lemon is a natural antiseptic, and honey provides moisture for the dry face. Together they provide an astringent that cleans dead skin cells that can cause acne. Honey has powerful antibacterial properties that can make you look younger with time and consistent application. Honey provides radiant skin as well. One teaspoon of lemon juice mixed with two teaspoons of honey, where it’s a little sticky, rubbing a thin layer on your face and neck then rinse with warm water to remove.


Having clear beautiful skin is not hard. And these all natural, powerful and inexpensive options provide a great alternative to store-bought brands. Here are some other options for getting to radiant clean face.

To your everlasting beauty,
Katrina Love
President & CEO

“Pussy Power” reigns supreme at NY Fashion Week à la Tom Ford’s Designs

22 Feb

Tom Ford on Thursday put female empowerment center stage at NY Fashion Week, kicking off the global Fall/Winter 2018 season with models prowling the runway as cat women, very much wearing the trousers. If the biannual style fest battles an identity crisis as top-name labels flee to Europe, the 56-year-old Texan-born designer turned movie director was… Continue reading

On the radar and trending again on Instagram is Flower Eyeliner

21 Feb

flower eyeliner


Flower Eyeliner art started before summer last year and this technique has been trending and is now a big hit on Instagram. Flower Eyeliner is floral styled eyeliner over the eyes with vibrant colors. Some of you may think this is new but actually, this has been around for years. The professional makeup artist has done some of the most creative things with eyes for years including flower accents for tv, film, events and even for sporting events like cheerleading. However, now mainstream America has picked it up and its trending now.

A vibrant accent for your eyes

The flower eyeliner look is just in time for the spring season and another appropriate look for the easter time of the year. The designs are certainly attention grabbers and depending on what you want you can make it really flowery or a more subdued look that accents an outfit. With the use of very vibrant eyeliners and small paint brushes, women can bring out flowery patterns to their eyes. It’s certainly is a different look for the plain eyeshadow. The look is achieved by using multi-colored liquid liners which can be had at any of the top beauty stores.

If you want to know how to do this Youtube has quite a few videos now or check out the different flower looks here. In addition to the vibrant colors are the flower designs that are meticulously painted liquid liners on that give the appearance of a flowing flower bed over the eyes. The look is certainly different and can really accent your eyes for spring. As always let the Love Our Glamour team know what you think of this trending look with a post below.

Stay beautiful
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4 simple and effective beauty tips to keep you gorgeous

21 Feb

4 simple and effective beautyHere are 4 simple and effective beauty tips to help keep you stunning and gorgeous. These tips should be part of your regular beauty regime.

1. Wash your face every night!

Every night and we mean every night you should wash your face. There are countless studies indicating the negative effects that having makeup on all night in bed can wreak havoc on the beauty of your face. Removing makeup should be like brushing your teeth before going to bed an absolute necessity. There are great natural products on the market to help remove the oil and refresh your face before going to bed.

One easy solution is to use makeup removing wipes. These handy items provide a quick way to take the layers of makeup off. Ideally then washing and cleansing are to open pores so that the skin can breathe. Make sure all the makeup is removed so that your face doesn’t develop patches of skin issues over time. Many women do half a job, and they always leave the hard to remove makeup in certain places thinking its ok. Make it a habit to remove all makeup including around eyes and ears. Leveraging a natural moisturizer will improve the look and feel of the skin and provide a healing opportunity from the abrasive application of makeup.

2. Throw out old makeup

Remove old makeup taking up space in your cabinets and makeup boxes. They do get stale and some, because they may have an oil base get clunky. It is a general rule that you should keep mascara around for about three months, while lipstick a year. Your investment in powders, such as eyeshadow and bronzer will stay fresh for a couple of years.

3. Clean your makeup tools

My friends always forget to regularly clean their makeup brushes. They should be washed at least once a week to reduce bacteria spread and keep the tools in top shape when applying makeup to your face. There are a ton of products that help clean brushes on the market. Clean the brushes at night so that they will be ready in the morning.

4. Work out 3 times a week

Yes, working out improves your overall beauty. Try to work out two different ways. One for at least 20 minutes 3 times a week doing cardio exercises that elevate your heart rate. Secondly be sure to follow up the cardio with weight training to build fat burning muscle that keeps you lean. Combining a cardio and weight based exercise regime is considered to be the best combination to achieve overall long-term fitness which supports your beauty.

To your everlasting beauty,

Katrina Love
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Today’s top cosmetics and hair brands are still toxic to women of color

21 Feb

Personal care products can poison you, and women of color take on extra burdens. Women of color have higher levels of cosmetic-related chemicals in their bodies compared to white women. DepositPhotos “Dry, lifeless hair can take the fun out of your life,” intones an announcer in a 1950s ad for the haircare product Brylcreem, “but you… Continue reading

Why is your skin dull and lacks brightness? Sleeping with makeup on!

21 Feb

A SKIN DETOX is a good way to revitalise a dull appearance and bring the glow back. Sometimes, your face may look drab and dull, despite your best efforts to make it brighter. This often happens when there is a cosmetic overload on your skin. The pores become clogged with grime while a layer of dead…

Detox Skin

Continue reading

What are handbag purse hooks and why use them?

20 Feb

Handbag purse hooks

What is interesting I never see a lot of women take advantage of handbag purse hooks (also called handbag table hooks). If you don’t know what they are here is a quick guide. Handbag purse hooks are special hooks that you can place on the end of the table and will suspend your handbag without it being on the table, chair or worse on the floor. I see many women place their nice purse or handbag on the floor at restaurants is insane.

Handbag purse hooks

What you may not know is place your beautiful handbag on the floor will contribute to his collecting fungi, bacteria, and viruses. Even worse some women would place their bag on the floor of a restaurant or similar venue collect he germs then go home and put the handbag on their bed or even kitchen table. Ladies just don’t do it. I just found out that in Brazil there is a crazy superstition that says if a woman’s places her handbag on the floor she will lose all her money. Well, that’s a bit extreme, but handbag hooks make sense.

Handbag purse hooks

Here are the benefits of using a handbag purse hook:

1. Reduces the collection of germs on the bottom of your purse.

2. Are compact, many of the styles fold up.

3. They last for years.

4. Provides an out-of-the-way place for your handbag.

5. Keeps your handbag off the floor and other places that are just not sanitary.

6. Reduces the incentive for theft as your bag is right near you off the table ledge.

7. Inexpensive ranging in price from $10-$30.

8. There are various styles and shapes to fit your taste.

9. Strong enough to hold even the heaviest of women’s handbags.

10. Are fashionable for all occasions.

11. They don’t mark up the table or surfaces.

With all these benefits I am surprised why more women don’t use this essential handbag accessory more.

Handbag Purse Hook

Here are other ideas to help store your handbags.

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