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Women never have to be feel sorry for dressing sexy a la Tom Ford Designs

February 22, 2018 0 By Katrina Love

Tom Ford's designs


At New York Fashion week top designer Tom Ford spoke through his designs putting his spin on the #MeToo Movement. One quote from the article below I love (emphasis added, in bold black italicized) is the following from Tom Fords designs :

“Women, he said, must never apologize for what they chose to wear or for wanting to look seductive — regardless of how male harassers may choose to excuse predatory behavior given a woman’s looks. So I did very sensual, sexy dresses, this time. Our dresses are about the empowerment of women and making women’s body look beautiful,” 

Tom Ford’s creativity was on point as his designs showed empowerment for all women. It’s about time that in each and in every way we stand out for individuality and the true power that we are born with.  Women have been said to be the most beautiful creatures on the planet. Now let’s wear that mantle with pride, dignity and with amazing fashion…via Tom Ford’s designs.

Katrina Love
President & CEO