Beauty Talk!!!

Beauty Talk!!!

July 28, 2009 0 By Katrina Love

Hey Ladies, I have some Beauty Secrets I would like to share with you.

You know how you have nail polish that you just can’t get opened; try wrapping a rubber band around the top for a better grip. You may also want to try turning the bottle upside down and tapping it on a counter/table, or arm of the chair. These methods are sure to get you to your favorite polish.

I call this one a fake nose job. If you draw a line with cream shimmer down the bridge of your nose, the highlighter reflects the light, creating an illusion of a straighter nose.

I have tried this and it does work, on the go oil blotting papers. If you find yourself without any try using toilet seat covers, they make perfect oil blotting papers they are made up of the same paper and the thin paper absorbs oil like a sponge.

My favorite to try is boosting your lashes. Before putting on mascara try brushing on a little of translucent powder onto your lashes first, this adds instant volume.

For all my Divas that wear false lashes, attach them with ease by holding a hand mirror below your chin and look down. This helps close your lid a little and still allowing you to see at the same time.

Thanks ladies, I hope these tips could help you out, and I will update you on more next time.

Katrina Love
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