Defend Yourself !!!

Defend Yourself !!!

May 18, 2009 0 By Katrina Love

Hey Ladies, Some people say that handbags are the new weapon to keep us safe. Our carry all handbags are the new weapons to fend off a purse snatcher, robber or someone who wants to invade our personal space. Just think of all the things we carry in our bags and how heavy they are, we can really knock someone out with it.
I’m not trying to promote violence, but as a woman men think we’re weak and vulnerable and that we can’t fight for ourselves.

This is a story of young ladies fighting off a criminal with their handbag.

You wouldn’t think ladies out on a shopping spree would team together to catch a criminal running through the streets, but that’s exactly what 3 women from the New York did.

The police had been chasing this guy for some time, but they didn’t have that secret weapon. When they spotted the criminal coming towards them the brave ladies beat the man with their bags as he run through the street, slowing him down enough for the cops to catch him.

This guy didn’t stay around to fight either, as soon as he saw those bags flying at his face he darted to the other side of the road, with angry bag waving women in pursuit.

Just word of advice, use what you have to defend yourself…

Katrina Love
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