Tips on shopping for a handbag buddy.

Tips on shopping for a handbag buddy.

February 3, 2009 0 By Katrina Love

Tips on shopping for a handbag buddy.

While some can carry the same handbag for years, women’s wallets tend to wear out quicker. At some point you will be in the market for a new wallet. When you are, keep the following tips in mind.

The size is probably the first important aspect you should focus on, because the wrong sizes, either too small or too big, could not contain all of your stuff or may not be comfortable to carry. If you have a lot of small valuables such as coins and ear-rings, you may want to look for a wallet that has zippers and extra space to contain these gadgets. If you always carry cash and cards, the smaller ones with credit card slots could be your first choice.


Women’s wallets offer a large variety of accessories, pockets and functionality, far more than men’s wallets. As each additional feature adds space and weight to your wallet, it is important to think through your specific needs to find the appropriate case to match.
There are many types of enclosures, with snaps and zippers the most popular. As this is usually the first item on your wallet to fail, for longest life – check and double check the wallet’s enclosures before purchasing.


The basic structure of a women’s wallet is to be soft or framed. A frame wallet has a sturdy construction that literally frames the wallet’s interior, while the softer versions are composed of only fabric. When selecting the type for you, consider where you plan to carry the wallet and the types of materials that will be held inside.


Do you need extra room for specialized essentials? Some wallet customers want a true carryall, while others only need the bare essentials. With the coming of the electronic age, many wallets now possess extra pockets for cell phones, I-pods and other types of electronic devices. If this fits your lifestyle, you may want to be on look out for those.