Are knockoff or replica handbags ok, legal or not?

Are knockoff or replica handbags ok, legal or not?

January 21, 2009 0 By Katrina Love

A knock off in our opinion is defined as a very similar handbag with features that are copied from original manufacturers work. However, a legal knockoff or what is also called a replica does not portend to be the original. Meaning if it is a Coach replica it indicates that it is a Coach “replica” or knockoff. This switch is not a play on words but a fundamental indication that it’s a “generic” version of the original.

Interesting the drug industry has a very similar model believe it or not. When they talk about generic drugs it really has to be the same as the original “right” or doctors would probably would not prescribe the drug and you would not take it either. Keep in mind, in the replica and knockoff world the seller might still using the name of the original manufacturer on the product and will use the name in the description of the item as well as long as they also say its a replica or knockoff.

Love Our Handbags, Inc. scorns and does not sell replicas or knockoffs bearing the name or the exact design of the original manufacturer. We support authentic representation. We will fight against copies that say they are originals. That is wrong and it violates trademark and copyright laws. Another derivation from the industry is called designer inspired handbags. Designer inspired are those that take inspiration from name brand manufacturers but are not exact copies. Feature and attributes of the handbag are used with new features to come up with a unique style. Additionally designer inspired do not indicate or show original manufacturer trademarks or insignia and are totally legal.

Simply put replicas that say they are replicas are perfectly legal, but we don’t support them if they carry the original manufacturers name or trademark, even if they say they are replicas. And designer inspired styles (which we do support) draw upon other people’s work — in fashion, in art, in literature – which is how ideas spread through the culture. That’s healthy for consumers and the industries in which it occurs.

Ms. Love