Keep It Clean Now!!!

Keep It Clean Now!!!

December 29, 2008 0 By Katrina Love

Ladies it is so very important to keep your handbags clean and what I mean by that is keep them off of the floors, tables, and any where you prepare food. Sanitation is one of the #1 things we need to practice if we want to stay healthy.

Free of germs and bacteria that causes cold viruses, and also diarrhea. Studies show handbags are the most germ carrying accessory to have. If you think about it we take our purses everywhere we go including restrooms, restaurants, and entertainment events. Germs are commonly found on the bottom of your handbags, but don’t think for once you can be safe because they can move from one location to another.

You can sit your purse down on something and the germs are on the bottom of your purse and then next move on to sitting the bag on your lap and now you have the germs and bacteria on your clothes, and if you have small children that sit on your lap, now they have attracted the germs and so forth. It is very important as well to keep a small bottle of sanitizer in your purse just in case. Ladies be very cautious of this because it’s not to be taken lightly.

Ms. Love