The Perfect Gift for Women

The Perfect Gift for Women

August 29, 2008 0 By Katrina Love

Strange that when someone thinks of gifts they often do not think about giving a handbag as a gift. Interesting I have never received a handbag as a gift until recently.

Why is that? As much as women use handbags you would think that we would get one almost once a year from one of our friends or boyfriends or husbands. Don’t get me wrong because I have received lots of really wonderful gifts, just not handbags. I have received perfume, cloths, money, books, candles, appliances, events, cards, jewelry, lingerie and just about everything else, except handbags. My girl friends don’t talk much about receiving handbags as gifts. That is truly perplexing to me. Some women swear by their bags, so why don’t more people give bags as gifts. I have no idea…I will continue to ask about that to my associates as to why.

Handbags can be a perfect gift and it’s easy to return and if you stick with neutral colors and simple styles odds are the recipient will use it. For the fashion lover Handbags make an excellent gift.

They are wonderful additions to any wardrobe and any women can make use of one or two. Handbags make good gift ideas for men as well to give to the special lady in their life; anniversaries, weddings, birthdays, and special occasions. When you’re ready to get a handbag as a gift here are a few tips you should consider. Think about how much use the handbag would get. This can give you an idea of how much you are willing to invest in spending. If you’re buying for someone you know that carries a handbag on a regular basis, then you know you’ll see use of it. This woman would need a handbag with a lot of compartments and pockets and is roomy inside.

You might also want to take in consideration, the recipient’s personality as well. It may give you an idea of what style they’d like. Let’s say for instance you’re buying for a true fashionista then you know that she’s apprised on the latest styles and fashion. She is bound to get a lot of compliments on her handbag and let’s face it every woman loves to get compliments.

Try to spend a reasonable price for the gift especially if you’re not sure they will use it on a daily basis.

Ms. Love