The Perfect Order To Apply Makeup

The Perfect Order To Apply Makeup

March 26, 2018 1 By Katrina Love



When you need to apply makeup, it will help to apply in a certain order, especially if you are untrained and doing it for yourself at home. To get the perfect balance right, apply makeup in a specific order of product, which will allow you to build and blend to create a flawless finish:

Step One: Eyeshadow

Always start by applying eyeshadow, as the loose powder can sometimes spill on to the cheeks if you are using a wide, soft brush (and you really should be using a wide, soft brush rather than the applicators that come with eyeshadows).

Step Two: Eyeliner and Mascara

As these two products are the most difficult to get right – just having an unsteady hand can derail the look – it’s easier to apply these before you put facial make up on, just in case you go wrong and need to remove them to have another try. Trying to remove eye make up without displacing foundation is tricky, so get the difficult eye products out of the way first.

Step Three: Liquid foundation / concealer.

Next, apply your liquid foundation and concealer. Blend thoroughly with a sponge to achieve even, flawless coverage.
(Quick Tip: If you use a primer, obviously apply this before foundation/concealer).

Step Four: Loose facial powder.

Choose a color close to your natural skin tone and remove the ‘shine’ that foundation and concealer can cause, using a large round brush in circular motions.

Step Six: Blusher

Smile so the apples of your cheek are most prominent, then apply blusher sparingly.

Step Seven: Lipstick and lipliner

Put the finishing touches in place, and you’re ready to go.

Enjoy, Stay Beautiful
Katrina Love
President & CEO
Love Our Glamour, Inc.