On the radar and trending again on Instagram is Flower Eyeliner

On the radar and trending again on Instagram is Flower Eyeliner

February 21, 2018 0 By Katrina Love

flower eyeliner


Flower Eyeliner art started before summer last year and this technique has been trending and is now a big hit on Instagram. Flower Eyeliner is floral styled eyeliner over the eyes with vibrant colors. Some of you may think this is new but actually, this has been around for years. The professional makeup artist has done some of the most creative things with eyes for years including flower accents for tv, film, events and even for sporting events like cheerleading. However, now mainstream America has picked it up and its trending now.

A vibrant accent for your eyes

The flower eyeliner look is just in time for the spring season and another appropriate look for the easter time of the year. The designs are certainly attention grabbers and depending on what you want you can make it really flowery or a more subdued look that accents an outfit. With the use of very vibrant eyeliners and small paint brushes, women can bring out flowery patterns to their eyes. It’s certainly is a different look for the plain eyeshadow. The look is achieved by using multi-colored liquid liners which can be had at any of the top beauty stores.

If you want to know how to do this Youtube has quite a few videos now or check out the Makeup.com different flower looks here. In addition to the vibrant colors are the flower designs that are meticulously painted liquid liners on that give the appearance of a flowing flower bed over the eyes. The look is certainly different and can really accent your eyes for spring. As always let the Love Our Glamour team know what you think of this trending look with a post below.

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Katrina Love
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