Are Big Handbags Going Out of Style?

Are Big Handbags Going Out of Style?

October 18, 2011 0 By Katrina Love

Well ladies, it’s been about 10 years (yes 10 years) since the advent of the bigger styled
handbags. What’s happening is I am hearing from the CEO’s of the big handbag companies like Coach and Dooney & Bourke that big bag interest is waining. The fact of the matter is large bags have been in vogue a long time and well…. just very practical.

They can carry everything, but really some of us take everything to new a level. From an extra pair of shoes to a small laptop, we have been lugging around a ton of stuff. So if the new styles are smaller what is a girl to do.

Well for one, we really don’t always need all that stuff. And the other crazy part really when you go out besides going to work, how long are you away from the house on average. Several hours…do you really need all that stuff?

The bags began weighing on women as many testified, on fashion blogs and complained “that the bags had become so large and heavy that it was like carrying around a boulder”. What is a big bag any way. It depends on who you ask, but in our opinion anything over 17 inches in length or height in our world is big. These are big bags below and a couple of REALLY big bags.

Well I do like my big bags though, because I want to be fresh at all times with my makeup and accessories. So if the big boys are saying smaller bags are coming, it just means we have more choices. I don’t think larger bags are going away soon.

Do you like the bigger bags or the smaller ones? Let us know.

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