We love expensive luxury designer handbags…but…

We love expensive luxury designer handbags…but…

August 17, 2011 1 By Katrina Love

Here is one of the latest Louis Vuitton styles and its price. It’s lovely and expensive!! This bag is the “LV Cirrus MM”.

It retails for $3,750. That’s Three Thousand, Seven Hundred Fifty dollars, excluding tax…which depending on where you shop is 10% for another $375.  Don’t get me wrong Louis Vuitton is an awesome bag and company, but wow. This is a nice bag…but, here is the kicker…you know – part of owning a luxury handbag is the benefit of knowing you own a luxury handbag and blessed to be lucky enough to have it.

But what’s crazy is when you carry one of these bags, part of the luxury is that people see it and say wow a Louis Vuitton bag!!! But guess what, that’s not what they say (rather think), I bet you almost 99% of time they may think it’s a nice bag , but they think it must be fake.  If you could read minds that’s what you would see,  which diminishes the luxury feel. That’s the damage that the replica and copy cat industries have done.

If you buy luxury, buy something like a car like an Aston Martin..you don’t see too many replica Aston Martins, when I see one I never think..is that a replica…but luxury handbags I do wonder if it’s real without thinking about it to much.

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