What is Patent Leather?

What is Patent Leather?

August 8, 2011 1 By Katrina Love

Patent leather has been treated with lacquer (which is like paint) to give it a glossy surface. Meaning when the manufacturing process is complete the product is given a high gloss shiny finish. Keep in mind that there is genuine leather that has been treated with the lacquer finish and there are synthetic leathers that have been treated with the same type of lacquer as well.

Be careful that when you are ordering handbags you are mindful of whether its real patent leather or faux (artificial) patent leather. Faux or artificial is usually cheaper and very common, however, both real and faux leather have great appearance and provide a classy high society look to your handbags.

The material for the handbag is laid flat and the lacquer (like paint) is painted on and allowed to dry. Machines do this in many manufacturing processes. The picture is a tub of the lacquer (again its like paint) that is used on handbags, purses, shoes and many other everyday items. Here are some patent leather examples.

You must admit these bags are really sharp ladies so don’t let the manufacturing process scare you away from these beautiful types of bags.

Katrina Love
President & CEO