Attack on Women – NY Times

Attack on Women – NY Times

February 28, 2011 0 By Katrina Love


I am appalled that current republican government in Washington want to take away long standing programs like Planned Parenthood that support low income women. They are also are trying to cut a whole slew of programs specifically targeting women. Have they lost their minds! Why not cut the military or space travel. We have problems here on earth to resolve. This is from the New York times article “Attack on Women” which clearly dipicts how crazy the current republicans are. I have nothing against republicans but “r e a l l y” – there are other means.

Ladies – you must keep in mind that these programs support all women indirectly, whether you used them or not. So it really is an attack on “all” women and we should not tolerate this for one moment. If the women in the republican ranks support these bills – shame on them. I will continue to support women’s causes until my last dying breath.

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