July 29, 2009 1 By Katrina Love

Best way to store your handbags.

You might want to divide your bags into three categories: current rotation, special occasion and off season.

Current rotation: Is an everyday handbag that you use in rotation with other everyday bags, in neutral colors of black, brown and tan.

Special occasion: Is a handbag that is used for special events only.

Off season: a handbag that is not the color for the season, such as light pastel colors for the winter time would not be a wise choice. I would wear those colors in the summer.

If you have room stagger pretty knobs or hooks on the back of your closet door for go-to-handbags, and just add them the same way you were hanging multiple pieces of art. Start with the largest bag and build around it.

Put your special occasion bags in a clear tote container on an accessible closet shelf. You may also want to think about keeping them in a dust bag.

Now you’re ready for your out-of-season, move handbags to a high shelf or you can relocate them to another closet close by in your home. Keep them in dust bags as well because sometimes they tend to lose its shape, this helps maintain the shape.

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