How I feel when I buy a replica handbag.

How I feel when I buy a replica handbag.

July 27, 2008 0 By Katrina Love

I bought a replica handbag from the “Purse Lady”, that’s what the ladies in the neighborhood called her. It was a gorgeous cream patent leather Prada replica handbag perfect for the summer. It was medium sized and about the right size. The handles were braided. I examined the bag at the store and it seemed of good quality, but in hindsight I was blinded by its lovely absolutely gorgeous style and texture. I looked at it as if I were a deer in the headlights. I was mesmerized by it, pull to buy it. I bought it for $75. I bought other knockoffs that day. In total, I bought 4 bags that day. I bought Fendi, Chanel, Prada & Gucci replicas. I was literally in another universe. I did not really use the Prada bag for almost a month. You ask why I did not use it for a month given the fact I was very anxious to buy it, I was afraid to show it to my fiancé and two because its season had not quite come about. It was a summer bag and it was February. Also my fiancé would have frowned on me buying 4 bags at once.

So when I did finally use it, you know I used it with the perfect outfit. I got lots of compliments and it felt so great. The question I was always asked was where did I get the bag. For some reason, I could not tell anyone that I bought the bag from a good friend who sells handbags. I told them that I bought it off the internet.

But then on that infamous day on about the tenth time that I carried the bag, I was out with some friends. It was summer. I was carrying the bag on my shoulder looking good, feeling good and it happened….The strap broke in front of my friends. At that moment everyone was looking at me when it broke. Needless to say when the strap broke, I was TOTALLY EMBARRASSED. Then all the compliments I had received turned in to jokes. One of my friends even told me not to carry “flea market” purses.

Do I still buy replicas, yes? Even with the one unfortunate time. I still buy them because when they are not breaking or have defects they DO make me feel totally awesome.

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Ms. Love