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How to Purchase a Handbag or Purse that Compliment Your Figure

30 Mar

 compliments your figure

Purchase a Handbag or Purse that Compliment Your Figure

For most of us women, we buy handbags because we like the way it looks and we find them in design or style that suits our taste. But if you think about it a handbag that fits your figure will be appealing and make you look slimmer or more stylish. You should purchase bags that compliment your figure. When you buy a handbag, you need to think of it as if you are buying a pair of jeans. You need the right fit.

The right handbag could flatter your figure, or it could ruin the entire ensemble you have assembled if it seems to be out of place for your particular image. When it comes to choosing any specific bag for that matter, your shape is a significant consideration. You need to select a bag shape that is opposite your body type.

The Tall and Thin Woman

As an example, for someone who is very thin and tall a round hobo bag (explained here) would compliment your figure. This style slouchy kind of rounded bag compliments taller women.

The Short and Stout Woman

For those who may be stout and short, clutches that are rectangular and long or tall would suit well. However, while a bag’s shape should be opposite your body type the bag’s size needs to be in proportion to your size or figure. It wouldn’t look appealing to someone with a large figure to be carrying a very cute and small shoulder bag for then it would emphasize how big she is.

Think about Buying a Bag that Compliments your Shape

In the same way, a small or short girl carrying a very big handbag spells disaster. The huge size of the bag would make her look more short and small. Certain bags like a shoulder bag, for example, could accentuate a figure depending on the length of the strap. A shoulder bag that would be around the hips would give definition and draw attention to your curvaceous hips.

Some Important Tips

  1. When buying handbags be patient and take time to try them on.
  2. Looking at yourself in the mirror just as if you are trying on clothes.
  3. Don’t be drawn to trendy bags that do not look good on you.
  4. No matter how great looking the bag will be it wouldn’t do any good if it doesn’t fit you nor flatter you in any way.

Enjoy, Stay Beautiful
Katrina Love
President & CEO
Love Our Glamour, Inc.


Making Products Work For Those With Pale Skin

26 Mar

Pale Skin

If you have light, pale skin, it can be an absolute nightmare trying to find facial make up products that suit your tone. For many women, even the lightest shade in make up ranges is often too dark or too orange-colored. Despite this being a continued problem for literally thousands of people, it is an issue that the cosmetics industry has failed to target. Although specific makeup lines for people with pale skin do exist, they tend to be pricey or sacrifice quality of the product in the hopes that the lightness of color will be reason enough for people to buy.

Address the Pale Skin Issue

There are a couple of ways of getting around the problem. First, you could try using a facial bronzer. Used sparingly, a bronzer will add enough color to your face to allow you to use normal foundations and concealers, though the effect can be patchy if not blended thoroughly. There’s also the issue of having your facial skin tone match the rest of your body, and if you cannot be bothered to fully self-tan regularly, this isn’t an option.

It is worth trying to ‘dilute’ the color of a facial make up the product, to make it paler and therefore more suitable for your skin tone. Remove some of the normal product from its tube or tub, and then mix in a white facial moisturizer. This should spread the pigment of the foundation around, and make the overall effect appear lighter and more suitable. Just remember that you may need to use extra face powder, as the added moisturizer may make your face appear shinier than normal.

Enjoy, Stay Beautiful
Katrina Love
President & CEO
Love Our Glamour, Inc.

4 simple and effective beauty tips to keep you gorgeous

21 Feb

4 simple and effective beautyHere are 4 simple and effective beauty tips to help keep you stunning and gorgeous. These tips should be part of your regular beauty regime.

1. Wash your face every night!

Every night and we mean every night you should wash your face. There are countless studies indicating the negative effects that having makeup on all night in bed can wreak havoc on the beauty of your face. Removing makeup should be like brushing your teeth before going to bed an absolute necessity. There are great natural products on the market to help remove the oil and refresh your face before going to bed.

One easy solution is to use makeup removing wipes. These handy items provide a quick way to take the layers of makeup off. Ideally then washing and cleansing are to open pores so that the skin can breathe. Make sure all the makeup is removed so that your face doesn’t develop patches of skin issues over time. Many women do half a job, and they always leave the hard to remove makeup in certain places thinking its ok. Make it a habit to remove all makeup including around eyes and ears. Leveraging a natural moisturizer will improve the look and feel of the skin and provide a healing opportunity from the abrasive application of makeup.

2. Throw out old makeup

Remove old makeup taking up space in your cabinets and makeup boxes. They do get stale and some, because they may have an oil base get clunky. It is a general rule that you should keep mascara around for about three months, while lipstick a year. Your investment in powders, such as eyeshadow and bronzer will stay fresh for a couple of years.

3. Clean your makeup tools

My friends always forget to regularly clean their makeup brushes. They should be washed at least once a week to reduce bacteria spread and keep the tools in top shape when applying makeup to your face. There are a ton of products that help clean brushes on the market. Clean the brushes at night so that they will be ready in the morning.

4. Work out 3 times a week

Yes, working out improves your overall beauty. Try to work out two different ways. One for at least 20 minutes 3 times a week doing cardio exercises that elevate your heart rate. Secondly be sure to follow up the cardio with weight training to build fat burning muscle that keeps you lean. Combining a cardio and weight based exercise regime is considered to be the best combination to achieve overall long-term fitness which supports your beauty.

To your everlasting beauty,

Katrina Love
President and CEO

What are handbag purse hooks and why use them?

20 Feb

Handbag purse hooks

What is interesting I never see a lot of women take advantage of handbag purse hooks (also called handbag table hooks). If you don’t know what they are here is a quick guide. Handbag purse hooks are special hooks that you can place on the end of the table and will suspend your handbag without it being on the table, chair or worse on the floor. I see many women place their nice purse or handbag on the floor at restaurants is insane.

Handbag purse hooks

What you may not know is place your beautiful handbag on the floor will contribute to his collecting fungi, bacteria, and viruses. Even worse some women would place their bag on the floor of a restaurant or similar venue collect he germs then go home and put the handbag on their bed or even kitchen table. Ladies just don’t do it. I just found out that in Brazil there is a crazy superstition that says if a woman’s places her handbag on the floor she will lose all her money. Well, that’s a bit extreme, but handbag hooks make sense.

Handbag purse hooks

Here are the benefits of using a handbag purse hook:

1. Reduces the collection of germs on the bottom of your purse.

2. Are compact, many of the styles fold up.

3. They last for years.

4. Provides an out-of-the-way place for your handbag.

5. Keeps your handbag off the floor and other places that are just not sanitary.

6. Reduces the incentive for theft as your bag is right near you off the table ledge.

7. Inexpensive ranging in price from $10-$30.

8. There are various styles and shapes to fit your taste.

9. Strong enough to hold even the heaviest of women’s handbags.

10. Are fashionable for all occasions.

11. They don’t mark up the table or surfaces.

With all these benefits I am surprised why more women don’t use this essential handbag accessory more.

Handbag Purse Hook

Here are other ideas to help store your handbags.

Continue to look amazing,
Daria Gatteson
Love Our Glamour, Inc.
Glamour Life Magazine

Top Sellers

2 Feb


This Lovely Handbag has been a fan favorite, we want to share this with you.. ladies love the secret compartment at the bottom where you can stash anything you want and no one will know…

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What we’ve been up to…

10 Aug

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Welcome Mary Kay to Love Our Glamour

31 Dec

Love Our Glamour has joined with Mary Kay for the best skin care and great cosmetics to help women feel beautiful.

As a women we know that there are days we feel Blah, but sometimes when you just put on a little makeup and style your hair it changes your mood. Looking good on the outside does make you feel good on the inside, sometimes you have to work on the outer exterior. I believe that God has made us all beautiful and with that Love our Glamour just wants to enhance what God has already created.


Mary Kay is fabulous when it comes to skin care, I have seen it first hand because I use it and my skin is smooth, clear from blemishes, and looks younger. I believe that if you want to wear makeup and look fabulous you have to have good skin first and foremost, your canvas must be clean before you paint on it.

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5 Nov
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Customer Love!!!

24 Sep

Customers Love there handbags, Check out the feedback from our wonderful customers.

This seller Rocks!!!! Super Fast Shipping. Their product is High Quality, Beautiful, Fabulous! Their customer service should be the MODEL FOR EVERY business in America! I have already recommended them and will definitely be a returning customer.

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We have amazing feedback from our customers, this is why I LOVE what I do…

We’ll have more feedback coming soon!

Katrina Love



What’s New with Love Our Glamour

26 Aug


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