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What is Virgin Indian Hair?

22 Jul


This has been the question of the day for years. Indian hair is the highest, finest quality hair on the market for a which a woman can purchase.  Raw means it is unprocessed without chemicals or similar processing.  It is the best quality of hair as it is grown by Indian women who grow their hair to long flowing length in natural straight, wavy or curly textures.
It is versatile and can be worn straight natural curl or curly with a deeper curl pattern. It has these properties.
  1. extremely soft
  2. feather light
  3. natural black or dark brown color
  4. durable long lasting – 3 years or more with proper care
  5. thick & lustrous
  6. tangle free
  7. natural flowing
  8. can be flat ironed
  9. has excellent volume
  10. the finest texture of hair you can buy
  11. enormous styling versatility
Capture-Indian Hair Weave
Washing will make it naturally wavy and it will effortlessly hold any styling such as flat ironing straightening or hot curling. It blends extremely well with many hair textures, such as medium, fine and even coarse hair.  If your hair has a bit of natural curl or wave to it, then chances are that Indian hair will be the best hair type for your hair extensions.
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Katrina Love
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What’s the difference between hair extension textures – Straight, Body, Deep, Loose & Kinky Wave hair textures.

3 May

Ladies, I know sometimes it can be very confusing on which texture or style of hair to buy. We have put together this simple guide which will help you better understand the different textures of human hair weaves.

Buying Guide to Textures


difference between hair extension textures

Straight is generally soft, smooth and has a slight natural wave pattern.

Body Wave

Capture - Body WaveBody wave is a versatile texture that has lots of volume and body. This is very popular extension and probably the best selling.

Deep Wave

Capture - Deep Wave

Deep wave  has a more tighter curl than body wave. This can be styled to loosen the wave pattern to make this texture a great selection.

Loose Wave

Capture Loose Wave

Loose wave hair has flowing long waves.

Kinky Curly 

Capture - Kinky Curly

Kinky Curly hair is characterized by tight little curls.

Most of all, as you can see choosing the right texture, can be challenging. All of the textures are beautiful and its a matter of personal taste.

Always be beautiful.

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Here is the difference between Malaysian, Brazilian, Peruvian, Filipino & Indian Hair.

28 Apr

My staff at did this neat little chart that explains the difference between hair types. It will help you decide which hair type to purchase.

How do I choose a type of hair extensions?

LOG Hair Purchase Differences V2


Katrina Love, President & CEO

Hair Care…

20 Feb

Hey ladies, I want to tell you about this wonderful hair product I just used. I found out about this product on youtube and I just had to try it, Organix Teatree Mint shampoo & conditioner. I tried this and it works wonders for your hair, it leaves your feeling soft, manageable, shiny and nourished. I would recommend Organix because it isSulfate Free & Paraben Free Formulas • Organic Active Ingredients and it has an amazing scent plus it is safe for color-treated hair & safe for all hair types.

I can’t wait to try more products from Organix…

Hydrating Teatree Mint Shampoo & Conditioner

An ultra hydrating blend of Australian tea tree oils to add moisture and strength, while nourishing your hair with replenishing moisturizing milk proteins and micro-infused peppermint oils for hydration and balance. Re-energize your hair with this unique blend of organic active ingredients, creating a three-in-one decadent treat. All you need for moist, smooth and seductive hair in one irresistible formula.

Katrina Love


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