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Introducing Glamour Life Magazine

8 Feb

Premier Issue Glamour Life

We have been contemplating creating a small short bitesize magazine to market and here it is, hosted by, yes Click on the Y.

The team has been hard at work completing it. We think its all part of Love Our Glamours evolution. We will continue to bring you information about women’s issues and concerns. The premier issue features Katrina Love. President & CEO of Love Our Glamour, Inc.  It’s been an amazing ride but worth every minute.

Daria Gatteson
Glamour Life
Love Our Glamour, Inc.


Beauty Benefits of Coconut Oil

28 Jan


coconut oil image

Hey ladies, I want to share some benefits of coconut oil.  I was just looking up ways to make my hair grow longer and stronger and I found out about all types of products to use but there were a few that stood out to me like castor oil, virgin olive oil, and coconut oil. I went out and purchased some castor oil with mink oil from Walgreens and I have used it in my hair on my scalp and I will continue to use it and will update you on the progress.

Good for Hair

Coconut oil is not only good for your hair but it is also wonderful oil for your general health. Researching coconut oil it appeared to stand out in the crowd of other natural solutions and was better than most other oils.  I watched countless reviews on YouTube and Google touting coconut oil to make sure what I wasn’t just hearing a scam. I found so many ways that coconut oil can benefit your health and work to heal so many things its crazy.

All around benefit

I am telling you this because if coconut oil is that beneficial why not share it. Please go to YouTube and search on coconut oil and also Google it as well and you will see. Let me know if you are going to try it out. I just picked up Organic Virgin Coconut oil unrefined cold pressed, USDA approved from the health food store and I am excited to try it. I am going to use it on my skin and hair. 

Please research this for yourself. I hope it can benefit you.

Katrina Love


What’s the deal with Rihanna’s Fenty makeup?

18 Jan

Capture-Fenty Beauty Line


Rihanna last year set out to make a product that was supposed to cater to women who have many shades of skin. In my experience, most companies could not make a foundation that worked and catered well to a lot of different skin complexions. Well, let me say I think Rihanna has hit a home run. The Fenty Beauty make up has over 40 shades of foundation. I have for years struggled with finding a foundation that fit my skin tone. When I did the company had limited quantities, could never find in stores that carried and was never in stock. Well, I found the perfect foundation with Fenty. Alas, it has been such a success that I could not get any in December because the stores were sold out, but that was essentially due to its unexpected success and it being the holiday season.

fenty beauty rihanna

Rihanna came out with an affordable and very effective foundation ranging in price from $18 to $54 depending on the size you are looking for. The vast array of 40 shades of foundation and 30 contour and highlight sticks generally has something for all skin tones. If you are searching for a foundation this is probably where you want to go. Now its sold online but for your first trip out you want to go into a store and start testing on your skin to see how it covers.


I found the foundation to be smooth and silky applying and does not feel chalky at all. I recommend talking to a makeup rep at any of the stores that sell it like Sephora and ask for a sample. Going on, the foundation feels like it is well made and lasts all day. Now I don’t like the shiny feeling that many foundations leave after a few hours wear. But Fenty is totally oil free and comes in matte which helps reduce significantly the oily face which I can’t stand. I have searched diligently looking for a foundation that was affordable and perfectly matches my skin tone. I have found it.  Bottom line I recommend checking out the entire line of Fenty make up.

Katrina Love
President & CEO

Cyber Week Holiday Sale…

27 Nov



Check out our holiday sale during cyber week. November 27 through December 2, 2017, midnight. Everything on sale including our top of the line Brazilian hair.  Also on sale Filipino, Peruvian, & Malaysian plus our bundle deals, lace closure, and lace frontals. We have the texture for you, Deep Wave, Body Wave, Loose Wave, Straight, Kinky Curly & Kinky Straight. Hurry before we are out of stock for the holidays.


Thanks, happy shopping.

Katrina Love
President & CEO

Sinister Blue Jeans by Angel Brinks…dare to be different…these are!!!!

7 Sep

Hey Ladies,

Sinister Blue Jeans4

You know at Love Our Glamour want you to show your individuality and recently we came across Angel Brinks line of Sinister Blue Jeans. Girrrrl, let me tell you these are on the cutting edge. These jeans have to grow on me but wow are they different. Outlined with different lace and different bottoms they are really pushing the envelope on different, showy, sexy and curvy.  If you want looks, I swear you will get them…maybe a different look from the girls but a good look from the guys for sure.  Take a look and tell us what you think.

Ladies continue to be daring with intelligent attitude!!!

Always be beautiful
Katrina Love
President & CEO

If you want an adorable small handbag that turns heads…this is it…

7 Sep

Hey Ladies,

Our special order the Vemeta handbag by Designer Vogue Star is simply adorable in Lavender. Takes about 2 weeks but then…aaaah…delicious.


Comes in the following colors, get them before we are out of stock.
Sky Blue
Rubber Red…yes rubber red..check it out
and even Hot Pink.

Just melts on my arm like ice cream.

Katrina Love
President & CEO

Designer Inspired Lena Tassel Fringe Casual Handbag

7 Sep

Hey Ladies:

Check out in stock the never out of date fringe Lena handbag here.

product-image-357112352_1024x1024Fringe Bage Model

Number of Handles/Straps: Double with Shoulder Strap
Closure Type: Zipper
Handbags Type: Shoulder Bags
Shape: Casual Tote
Decoration: Fringe
Hardness: Soft
Pattern Type: Solid
Lining Material: Polyester
Measure: 17 inches X 14 inches X 4 inches
Main Material: Synthetic
Occasion: Versatile

Katrina Love
President & CEO

Squiggle or Wavy Eyebrows are another cosmetic trend…will it stay?

3 Sep

Wavy Brows2
Hey Ladies,

I am not yet warm to this idea. It reminds me of how to be creative but not look funny when putting on makeup. The thing I like best is that the squiggle eyebrow is another way to show your individuality.  It’s important that you always show your personal style and be mindful of your ability to influence what people may want to say.

Wavy Brows3

Love Our Glamour believes that every woman should be proud of who she is and if this is another way to expound on a woman’s individuality with squiggle eyebrows, then I am all on board. Please let me know what you think of this trend.

Continue to be beautiful.

Katrina Love
President & CEO
Love Our Glamour, Inc.

Technology meets Eyelashes – LED Flashing Eyelashes

15 Aug

Lightup Eyelashes

Hey Ladies,

I am very curious about this new special technology that brings lights to your eyelids. Namely LED lights that change color, blink, and flash.  Please take a look at this video too. Tell us what you think either way. They make your eyelashes stand out and certainly look different. These light-up eyelashes can make your eyes pop. We think it’s fashion forward if done in taste and may be the new next big trend. Tell us what you think in the comment box below.

To your continued success,

Katrina Love
President & CEO

Everything you ever wanted to know about handbags

15 Aug
Hey ladies here is a quick index to all handbag information and their related links.
To your continued success.
Katrina Love
President & CEO
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