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Shop Designer David Jones Satchels and Totes at

25 Jun

Shop designer David Jones duffles, satchels and tote handbags in colors such as purple and beige at
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Katrina Love
President & CEO


What does a Hermes Birkin Bag look like, or a Ricky Bag, or a Hermes Kelly Bag – Here’s your guide.

2 Jun

We found this great guide and its fun to see and understand the classic expensive designer handbags. This pictorial guide outlines the shapes of some of the most iconic brands and what they generally look like. Now you know what they look like and can be the expert, from the Hermes, Birkin Bag to the Burberry’s Check Tote Bag, these are classics. I even looked at some of these and said oh…so that’s what it looks like.


Ms. Love, President & CEO

Hermes, Gucci, Prada, Dior

Designer Handbag Guide

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