My girlfriend’s bags.

27 Jul

My girl friend is a coach fanatic. I am not sure why she is addicted to buying coach things. She has everything coach. Coach key trains, coach sandals, coach shoes, coach flip flops, coach purses & wallets, coach watches and even her daughter has coach stuff. Coach is a fabulous brand. Coach, Coach, Coach. For me Coach is the top of the line brand in its marketing space. With simple, but not flashy looks and of course the infamous “C”.

I personally do “like” coach but I am not addicted to it. Coach prices range from $100-$500. I am a realistic lady and want a bag that compliments my mood AND style at a more affordable price like about $50-$75.

Coach & generally handbags for that matter can mesmerize a woman. Coach does that some with my girlfriend. Coach is always doing well. What will my girlfriend do if Coach ever goes out of business, not likely, but I love seeing her squirm when I see her and telling her that I just learned Coach is having financial trouble and may go out of business. What are friends for? For more affordable everyday simple but not flashy handbags go to



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