What is a “Kiss Lock” on a handbag

What is a “Kiss Lock” on a handbag

July 29, 2011 0 By Katrina Love

I know it goes without saying, but sometime when I was younger just starting out I would wonder about certain things that I read about handbags. I don’t know how old I was but I always wondered what Kiss Lock meant on handbags. I was too young to know then as I got older I figured it out. I was an early teenager or something like that.  So this post is for those of you older and younger ladies who still may wonder what a kiss lock is.

It is merely when the closure on a handbag is made to form usually two round balls who clasp together like a kiss and touch each other. That’s where the name comes from. This styling has been around for decades and is still being used today on some types of the more classic handbags. One reason is – it works well and it provides an easy opening while providing a secure closure. Kiss locks are smooth balls that are very comfortable to the touch to open and close.

Most of the kiss locks form with the two round balls, but there are squarer version as well and they typically are on clutch “smaller handsized” handbags. And if you don’t know what a clutch is that’s a future post.

Enjoy. Ms Trina President & CEO LoveOurHandbags.com